Monday, August 31, 2009

K.D & ANANG divorce!

Anang Confirms Divorce from Krisdayanti

After avoiding the media for several days, musician Anang Hermansyah, the husband of Indonesian diva Krisdayanti, finally admitted their marriage was over, reports said on Monday.

Anang confessed that he divorced Krisdayanti four days before fasting month started. The divorce was done in an Islamic manner, meaning it has not been filed in the religious court.

“Do not get it wrong, the one seeking divorce is not me but [it was] Yanti who asked for it,” Anang was quoted by the Detikcom online news portal .

Anang said they had talked about every aspect of the divorce, including the division of their billion-dollar assets. The couple also agreed that their children would stay with Anang.

Anang, who married Krisdayanti in 1996, declined to give the reason for the separation.

But the couple’s first daughter, Titania Aurelie Hermansyah, 11, told SCTV that once while she was swimming, her mother was in the bedroom with a man, a businessman from East Timor .

Anang and the two children have reportedly been staying at the couple’s production house for the past two weeks.

-Jakarta Globe

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